I'm Jensen, your functional testing BFF!

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is my main squeeze, but my ultimate mission is helping practitioners confidently use all types of functional labs so they can experience the massive practice growth, client retention, and confidence that comes with testing, not guessing!

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Test Don't Guess

Feeling a tad overwhelmed when it comes to functional testing??

I get it... the world of functional labs is truly the wild, wild west. When I graduated with my holistic nutrition certification, I had no idea I was able to run labs on my clients, learn how to properly interpret them, and make data driven recommendations. Once I started using labs, everything changed! More clients, more referrals, and better compliance.

I can help you:



The Test Don't Guess Podcast features lab experts and practitioners who are using functional testing to provide life changing services to their clients and experiencing the practice growth that comes with it! 

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Lab Testing


Figure out which lab you should learn next, explore the options available to unlicensed practitioners, learn from case studies, etc.

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Learn HTMA


HTMA is the lab that took my practice from 0 to 30 paying clients in less than 2 months and has been my main squeeze ever since. Let me show you how it's done!

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“Thank you Jensen! Love, love, love all the doors that have opened up since your course ” 

Desiree Reed

Hey friend, I'm Jensen! I'm an FNTP, Course Creator, App Developer and total data-nerd ready to help you move the mark in your practice through functional lab testing. 

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The Ultimate Guide to Adding HTMA

What is HTMA? Who does it help? How will it help me grow my practice? Is it legal for me to use it with my clients? All of your burning questions are answered inside this PDF!

Get your own HTMA results for FREE!

The Unlicensed Practitioner's Guide to Functional Lab Testing

Interested in lab testing but aren't quite sure where to start? No worries, I've got you!


If you're a practitioner, I have good news! You can get your own HTMA results for FREE. Let me show you how!


Test Don't Guess

A podcast created for unlicensed health practitioners to chat all about functional lab testing - which labs to use, how to learn how to properly interpret them, and how they can impact your confidence and your practice!

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Need help reading your own labs? Looking for an amazing practitioner? Find the right fit for you!

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