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Functional lab testing not only helps improve efficacy of client protocols through getting to the root cause, it also helps to attract clients, scale your practice and save time in the process! That's why I have put together these free resources to help you on your journey!

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How to Grow Your Practice in Less than One Month using HTMA

My 7-step system for how to confidently use the most affordable functional lab (HTMA) as a baseline test for EVERY client. 

HTMA can impact the effectiveness of your client protocols and practice growth!

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Join this free community of life-long learners who love chatting about all things functional testing and supporting each other as we add new tests to our practices.

Case Studies

Learn from real life case studies about how other practitioners are using HTMA, GI Maps, Dutch Tests, Organic Acids, & more!

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Looking for an amazing practitioner to work with on your health and help you interpret your own labs?
(P.s. We tend to be our own worst clients! It's a-okay to want support!)


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Jensen here.

After 10+ years of monthly, debilitating endometriosis pain, lab testing (specifically HTMA) gave me insight into a magnesium deficiency. Through mineral supplementation, I was able to completely reverse my symptoms. It was an unbelievable transformation!

But it didn't stop there! After incorporating HTMA for use with my clients, I was finally able to move the needle in my practice and quickly went from 0 to 30 paying customers in less than 2 months. And now I've seen lab testing do the same for hundreds of other practitioners as well!

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Just an update: It's been barely over a month since I opened up HTMA and I've gotten 20 clients through it!!

Holy s**t people are really signing up!! My business has been so stagnant for 2 years and all of a sudden it's really blowing up

I just wanted to say thank you for all of your HTMA information! You explain it so well!!

The Test Don't Guess Podcast:

Functional Lab Chats

The Test Don't Guess Podcast is a show created for unlicensed health practitioners who love chatting about functional lab testing! Through interviews with practitioners, lab experts and course creators, you'll learn how your colleagues are using gut, hormone, mold, mineral testing and more to confidently work with clients and grow their practice!

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