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Proper education is key to incorporating functional lab testing in your practice in the most effective and efficient way possible. Through testing, you'll be able to dig deep into potential root causes of your client's symptoms and I'll help you save time in the process.

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Already know how to use HTMA, but want to speed up the process?

Enjoy a 14 day free trial, along with monthly and annual subscription options!

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Everything from Aluminum to Zirconium when it comes to interpreting and using HTMA in your practice.

Bonus: The course includes lifetime access to the HTMA Analysis App!

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The OAT - Simplified

 A comprehensive PDF so you're confident interpreting the Organic Acids Test. Includes protocols and considerations for pregnancy, children, and more!

Organic Acids Test App - Coming Soon!

Restorative Wellness Solutions Functional Blood Chemistry App

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 Plug in an OAT test and instantly review important patterns & markers so you can 

I am just so blown away by the amount of great content included in the course! WOW it is SO helpful! My only regret is not doing this sooner!

This course and App is hands down the best investment I have made in my business! It has cut down my time building client protocols by 1/3!

I'm so thankful for your app... I'm not sure where I would be without it. It cuts down on so much of the work I have to do!

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How to Grow Your Practice in Less than One Month Using HTMA!

Learn my exact 7 Step System for Using (and Analyzing) HTMA Results!

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If you are anything like me, you had no idea you had access to all kinds of different functional lab tests when you graduated with your nutrition or health coaching certification!

I created Test Don't Guess as a resource for unlicensed practitioners to navigate the different testing options available to them, and then confidently and efficiently incorporate them into their practice through tools like my course, Instant HTMA Professional and my functional lab analysis applications. 

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