Stuck with a stagnant practice because of a “lack of real data”? 

Instant HTMA Professional

The only HTMA Course that includes an HTMA Analysis App to automate interpretation and report creation so you can focus on what you do best - helping clients get results!

Overwhelmed with learning about HTMA testing so you can actually use it?

Struggling to make sense of what to do with HTMA results?

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real talk:

“I’ve done many of the labs on myself but didn’t feel validated until i got the results of my HTMA test…

I want that for my clients — for them to feel validated and not alone.”

Hey there,
health coaches and practitioners

It’s time to stop stressing over a stagnant practice and instead start leaning on testing… so you can confidently make recommendations that clients will trust.

And no, you don’t need a lot of expensive tests to help your clients feel validated, seen, and understood.

Before we talk about how you can use a SINGLE inexpensive test to reveal a wealth of information about your client to help them get life-changing results,

let’s talk about you…

You see,

Here’s what I know for sure about you ...

Whether you’re a licensed or unlicensed health practitioner, you’re passionate about going beyond the conventional medical system and getting to the root cause of the symptoms so you can confidently and successfully help your clients.

The only problem?

Guess what?! It's NOT your fault.

You find yourself getting “stuck” at a certain point, hitting that wall with client progress, and feeling like it’s all your fault.


If you're a practitioner using functional labs with your clients already, you know how challenging it can be to recommend tests to clients and at the same time get paid enough for your work and expertise

And if you aren’t using any testing yet, you feel like you aren’t able to help your clients because you’re “guessing” instead of “testing.”

This can feel really daunting because most tests cost hundreds of dollars.

Except for HTMA.

HTMA is a non-invasive
(yes, no
pin pricks)
test that reveals
a wealth of
clients' health
about your

Best part?

HTMA costs less than what you’d pay for a trip to the hair salon!

That’s right! HTMA or Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis helps you identify crucial mineral imbalances that could be responsible for a client’s health conditions.

But, why minerals?

Minerals help keep the pH balance of the body just right.

Minerals act as co-factors for THOUSANDS of enzyme reactions for every system in the body.

Minerals are vital for all muscle relaxation and contraction.

Minerals are important for proper nerve conduction.

Without minerals, nutrients aren't able to get in or out of cell membranes.

Minerals are responsible for bone density and energy production in the body.

Well, minerals are literally “spark plugs” in the body

Here's the thing

HTMA pulls the curtain back on mineral imbalances

AND provides a wide range of knowledge about every client — blood sugar, digestion, stress, heavy metals, thyroid and adrenal function, detoxification pathways, hormones, and more… 

Knowing this information can help you give your clients the protocols that will make the most impact.

You’ll know how to show clients that their symptoms lead back to certain mineral imbalances.

You’ll know exactly where to start with every client.

NO more guessing your way through a client consult or spending hours upon hours trying to understand the results of a test.

psst... listen up

Using HTMA allows you to truly help your clients with bio-individual protocols. 

Without having to charge them hundreds of extra dollars for expensive labs.

I hear you!

“Yes, Jensen! I know HTMA can help. It’s just SO complicated!”

Now chances are you may be thinking...

There’s SO much information out there. It’s downright overwhelming thinking about incorporating HTMA into your practice.

Maybe you’re looking to expand your business and add testing into your practice but you don’t know where to start or what to do. 

Maybe you’ve even taken a course on understanding HTMA but still feel clueless about what to actually do with the information.

Maybe you’re just starting out as a health coach and you’re worried no one will take your recommendations seriously unless you back them up with test results, but HTMA feels so complicated!

At the end of the day, you want...

A simple, efficient way to get up and running with HTMA

so you can start bringing in clients who are eager to work with you and help them achieve life-changing results.

After all, you got into functional health to truly help people who are suffering!

You know if you could just get clients in the door, you could really help them change their lives for the better. 

If you've been nodding your head up to this point...

I've got good news for you!

It’s totally possible to get up and running with HTMA in your practice in less than a MONTH and start getting paying clients right away!
Without spending hundreds of hours or thousands of dollars. 

“All other tests are great and have their place but as you know they are quite expensive. As a newbie, I need something that will be the biggest bang for my buck and get them (clients) results and I feel HTMA is it!”


Instant HTMA Professional

The ONLY Course That Includes a Unique (and Easy-to-Use!) App that Automates Understanding Test Results and Generates Customized Client-Ready Reports

Instant HTMA Professional is a step-by-step course that comes with unlimited lifetime access to the HTMA Analysis App.

How will Instant HTMA Professional Give You the Confidence You Need to Create the Thriving Practice You Deserve?

By putting clarity and simplicity at your fingertips.

Quite Literally!

This all-in-one knowledge suite is designed to help you ditch the confusion and overwhelm, so you can start effectively implementing HTMA into your practice.


With a fluff-free, laser-focused curriculum AND a proprietary HTMA analysis app that literally slices confusion away and spits out gorgeous, easy-to-understand, share-with-your-clients reports.

The HTMA Analysis App automatically creates a 15-page custom client report and incorporates 300+ symptoms and 30+ common conditions.

Here's what that looks like:


Upload client HTMA results (That's right! You don't even have to type in the numbers!)


Let the app work its magic and do thousands of calculations for you


Easily review all of the patterns that the app tells you. (Don't worry, the course will tell you exactly what to do with that info!)


Plug in your client’s top symptoms and see precisely where the correlated mineral imbalances are showing in their HTMA results


Click “Generate Client Report” to generate a personalized and editable report


Use the app to compare two reports, side-by-side. Perfect for retests!

you never have to guess at

what a client needs or is struggling with. 

You know exactly what to do and how to do it!

The app tells you EXACTLY where to look in your clients' HTMA results to learn more about their symptoms.

Here’s an example of what this looks like in the report.

Put simply

The app is an absolute game changer 

Take a peek at how the HTMA Analysis App does ALL the work for you

when it comes to utilizing HTMA in your practice

No more wading through confusing information and feeling more overwhelmed by the minute.

No more feeling like you aren’t taken seriously as a functional health practitioner.

No more hesitating to reach out and help clients because your gut instincts can only get you so far.

You get LIFETIME access to this incredible tool when you enroll in Instant HTMA Professional!

Best Part?

Selling clients on this will be easy-peasy because you will have an actual tangible product to offer your clients rather than just information that they could Google themselves!

Take a minute to imagine if you had a concise course AND a do-the-work App to understand HTMA so you can confidently create bio-individual protocols for clients and change their lives …

… What would your practice look like?

You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, app, and community. You never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or confused. You can ask questions in the community, and get support during Weekly Office Hours or Monthly Client Case Study calls. Your confidence soars with every client you work with!

Thanks to the HTMA Instant Analysis App and the concise and confusion-free course content, you have everything you need so you can quickly and efficiently interpret results and share them with clients using the beautiful client reports.

No more feeling frustrated that a client isn’t following a treatment or seeing health improvements. You have access to individualized data AND protocols to help your clients get tangible results they can actually see and feel. Thanks to the HTMA test, getting client buy-in is SO much easier.
More wins for clients = more wins for you!

In less than a month, you are completely confident about using HTMA

Anytime you feel stuck with a result, you lean on my support

Clients start to see results and engage with their protocols

Your clients are having SO much success that they can't help but spread the word about you! You are working with clients who are happy to pay your prices on a continuous basis, so you can finally have the income stability to quit the job you hate.

Your practice is thriving, your clients happily pay your prices, and you finally feel like you’ve made it

You glow with confidence and pride knowing you’re helping your clients and growing a practice you love. No more struggling to find clients who trust and respect you ever again!

Most importantly … you're fulfilling your purpose every day

Ready to experience all of this?

Take The Instant HTMA Professional Tour

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hundreds of your fellow functional practitioners and coaches rave about Instant HTMA Professional!

“Holy sh** people are really signing up!! My business has been so stagnant for 2 years and all of a sudden it's really blowing up. I'm so grateful for you and your course!!”

- Donna T.

“Thank you Jensen❤️love love love all the doors that have opened since your course ”

-Desiree R.

“I've sold 8 hair tests recently.

Like why is this sooo easy?”

-Yolanda Z.

There is a reason

These coaches got clients and gave their practice a serious boost!

“I just mailed in two more samples to Trace Elements today! They were a referral from one of my first people. Raised my prices, so that feels like a win 🏆”

-Lisa O.

wish I saw your course first!

“Thank you!
Your HTMA in a week and the app have been more helpful than an entire $1,000 course I took on HTMA :)

I appreciate all your hard work teachings us how to navigate this! And I wish I saw your course first ”

These practitioners LOVED it more than ALL other courses!

wish I did yours!

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your HTMA information!

I found you after I enrolled in Rick Malter and Rick Fisher's course. Wish I did yours honestly!! You explain it so well!!
  I am taking my first two clients & the app alone is going to help so much with the process. Thank you!”

More concise understanding

“Thank you!! I'm loving the course so far.

I also took Kendra Perry's course and I'm definitely learning more and have a more concise understanding of the material in your course. Very happy I made this investment.”

Presented in a more systematic way

"I'm really enjoying your course.
I have recently done another course and while the information was good, it was not presented in a systematic way like yours. 

I am a details person, so I did a ton of independent research to build spreadsheets, etc. as a reference for myself. So I can really appreciate your thorough style, the handouts you have provided and the app you have built. Thanks so much!"

“I am loving the app so far. I have put my results in and am waiting for 5 other client results to come back to run theirs also. It saved me a ton of time vs analyzing the results on my own. I love how the reports are laid out and can't wait to use it for this next batch of results coming in.”

These coaches LOVED it because it helped them save TONS of time!

“This is a very easy tool to be able to add another service into your practice.”

“Wow -- can I first say how much I love Instant HTMA?! It's just what I've been looking for after beginning to incorporate hair testing in my practice over a year ago. So thank you!”

I'm an FNTP by choice, but an HTMA app developer and program creator by accident.

My journey into HTMA started with my own mineral success story.

After 10+ years of monthly, debilitating endometriosis pain, I was able to completely reverse my symptoms by supplementing with magnesium.

It was an unbelievable transformation - and it made me realize how life-changing mineral analysis could be for my clients.

I'm Jensen, the creator of Instant HTMA Professional AND the developer behind the HTMA Analysis App.

So I dove headfirst (yes, pun intended!) into learning Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis.

I took some courses and spent hundreds of hours diving into research by the experts. Then I started using HTMA in my practice. And that changed EVERYTHING. Less than 2 months into incorporating HTMA into my practice, I went from 0 clients to over 30 paying clients! And in just a few short months, I was able to quit my day job and focus FULL TIME on my growing practice because I landed a dream partnership!

HTMA was working SO well for my clients. They were getting real results. They were invested in their health because of the validation the labs offered. They were spreading the word about my work.

There was just ONE hairy (I promise, I’ll stop with the puns!) problem:

Analyzing the HTMA results and prepping for my client consultations took FOREVER.

I felt overwhelmed just thinking about taking on more clients. Especially when I considered the amount of time it was taking me to meet with 2-3 people a week.

I was up to my elbows in HTMA results, with consultations quickly approaching. I knew this wasn’t sustainable.

One day, with an inbox full of HTMA results and only an hour left to work through my daughter’s nap, I cracked the code.

I discovered a way to do mineral analysis QUICKLY and efficiently,

so I could spend less time prepping and more time actively helping my clients. 


Well, let’s just say my passion for functional health collided with my Excel sheet obsession, and the OG version of the HTMA Analysis App was born.

Fast forward to today...

that spreadsheet (now a full-blown application!)

has paved the way for me to help practitioners all over the world learn how to confidently incorporate HTMA into their practice in the simplest, quickest way imaginable. 

But Instant HTMA Professional is more than just an analysis app (although that is a BIG part of what makes it amazing!).

It’s a comprehensive (yet clutter-free!) program packed with all the tools and information you need to get started using HTMA right away!

Trust me, I’ve been right where you are:

Knowing I wanted to use HTMA in my practice, and wishing there was a way to feel confident in my approach.

Without having to spend every waking moment preparing for client consults.

I realized there had to be a better way.

and that my friend

is where Instant HTMA Professional comes in

You get LIFETIME access to the HTMA ANALYSIS APP!

Enjoy unlimited usage of the HTMA Single Test Analysis, Comparison Test Analysis, and Custom Client Report Generator —forever!

This app is THE quickest way to understand HTMA results & determine what to prioritize for each client.

Just plug in the raw results & let it do its magic.

Module 1: All About the HTMA Analysis App

Understand everything you absolutely need to know about HTMA so you can be confident when explaining its benefits to clients and easily get them on board with it.

In this fluff-free module, you’ll discover:
  • What bioavailability, mineral loss, retention & displacement are and why they matter
  • How to obtain a proper hair sample, either remotely or in-person
  • The art of removing common misconceptions around HTMA
  • How the HTMA lab company Trace Elements works
  • 3 ways to simplify putting together hair test kits

Module 2: What is HTMA?

No more feeling confused about HTMA results. Confidence is a click away!

With this module, you’ll know how to:
  • Go beyond just 'Fast' and 'Slow' for metabolic types
  • Uncover the 4 surprising indicators to assess stress and understand ratios
  • Identify why analyzing single minerals is the lowest priority
  • Determine when it is GOOD to see high heavy metal levels
  • Fill in the Metabolic Blueprint

Module 3: Understanding HTMA Results

You never have to memorize patterns again.

With this module, you will:
  • Know the highest priority patterns & why patterns are MORE important than ratios
  • Learn the secret behind hidden copper imbalance and how to identify it from HTMA, an Intake Interview & an in-depth Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire
  • Understand Psychological patterns and someone's ability to detox effectively based on HTMA markers

Module 4: Patterns & Advanced Topics

This is the module where everything comes together so you can make truly tailored and data-backed recommendations for your clients.

You’ll understand how to:
  • Use the "BYOP (Build Your Own Protocol) Guide" to make recommendations based on symptoms from the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, your Intake Interview, and the HTMA results
  • Determine the exact dietary strategy to recommend based on 3 factors and learn why B-vitamins or glandulars aren't recommended for certain types
  • Demystify lifestyle and stress considerations for a protocol
  • Prep for your very first HTMA consult

Module 5: Building Truly Bio-Individual Protocols

No clients? No worries! You will master key client attraction strategies in this module.

I’ll walk you through:
  • How to use HTMA to grow your business
  • Little-known strategies to get your first paying clients without spending a dollar on advertising or hours on social media.
  • Secrets to structuring your services so you attract recurring clients
  • Step by Step client lifecycle guide and consultation flows

… and MORE!

Module 6: Building a Successful Practice

You don’t have to spend ALL your waking hours hustling for clients.

With this module, you’ll unlock the secrets to an always-full practice:
  • Creating an automated client flow so you can manage the client process with the click of a button
  • Discover how to integrate 6 essential (and mostly free!) digital tools so you can slice the time you spend on client prep
  • Understand why it's essential to break the client lifecycle into stages
  • Use professional pre-made templates to create your systems in just a few hours

Module 7: Automating to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Re-tests are key when you want your clients to see the results of your protocols, and to keep clients coming back!

In this module, you’ll discover:
  • The step-by-step path for re-test analysis
  • The most misunderstood aspect of analyzing re-tests and what happens if you look at it like a first test
  • What client documentation to include

Module 8: Re-tests

Simplify and streamline running a profitable practice with resources that include:
  • Professional client handouts designed for you to share with your clients
  • ALL IHP documents and resources
  • An IHP Logo to use on your website

… and MORE!



to Fast-Track Building Momentum for Your Business

Monthly Calls

Every month, you can connect with other practitioners AND get a step-by-step walkthrough of a case study so you can continue to build your HTMA muscles and solve sticky situations with the Instant HTMA team.

Weekly Office Hours

Want my eyes on your client? Want to feel confident you're on the right track with a tough client or a first client? You can book a 15-minute office hour spot every week! 

The Instant HTMA Professional Community

The Instant HTMA Professional community is the perfect place for you to connect with other coaches and practitioners so you can learn from each other, share “ahas” and grow together.

“...Jensen poured so much into this course. It's tons of information, but laid out in a way that makes it easily digestible, self-paced, and includes several modules about business workflow & automation which my right brain srsly needed.

It also includes access to an online app that does the heavy lifting of calculations for you so you don't have to spend a billion hours pouring over results.

definitely meant for practitioners & geared toward NTP's.” 

Instant HTMA Professional

is for you if:

+ You’re a functional health practitioner who wants to quickly and effectively offer testing to your clients so you can help them get better results

+ You’re a nurse / doctor / chiropractor / dietician / licensed health professional who wants to go beyond conventional medicine and use a multidisciplinary approach to health care

+ You work in health and fitness and want to have actual data to help your clients see better results

+ You want to give your clients a complete report that is easy-to-understand and helps them see the reasoning behind your recommendations

Be an Instant HTMA Professional Who Can Confidently Help Clients & Have a Thriving Practice

Yes! Send me more details!

+ You don’t want to spend hours and hours trying to interpret HTMA results so you can create the right protocols for your clients




is easy-to-

& easier-to-

Don't believe me, though. Listen to these coaches & practitioners

Your enrollment is protected by my

"No More Guessing" Guarantee

I created Instant HTMA Professional to help practitioners confidently and effectively use HTMA in their practice — and I stand by my promise.

If you find you are still struggling with HTMA after you’ve done the course and used the app, I genuinely want to give you your money back.

All I ask is that you show me you did the work, because the reality is that you will only get as much out of this course as you put in.

Email me within 30 days of purchase at, show me you've completed the course materials, and run an HTMA test, and you will receive a full refund.​

I know that investing in your practice (and yourself!) is a huge decision.

I am also fully confident that the VALUE this course brings to your practice far outweighs the price, which is why I happily provide this guarantee.

“I also am a NTP who graduated last March so I really wanted to incorporate the NAQ and get organized because having so many different tools was making me feel a bit insane so having it all in one place is like a dream come true.

Plus your guide was the best missing piece I needed! I appreciate what you have done and how helpful your content is!”

Tell me more!

What happens when I join?


Sign up for a new student call


Get your first hair sample in the mail


While you wait...


Plug in results

At the beginning of every month, there is a new student Zoom call to personally welcome all new participants and answer any questions as you're getting started!

Module 2 gives you everything you need to know to get an account established with Trace Elements and your first hair sample(s) sent to the lab.

It takes about 2 weeks to get HTMA results back, which is a perfect amount of time to go through the lessons in Modules 3, 4, & 5.

Once your HTMA results come in, you'll plug them into the App in Module 1 and know exactly what to do!

Just rinse + repeat for all of your future clients (the ones I teach you how to attract in Module 7!)

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm worried I don't have time to do the course... how much time do I need to get through it?

Not to worry! This is a totally self-paced course that is broken up into 8 modules. You could technically complete the course in a weekend if you wanted to, although most participants take a couple of weeks to get through it.

Each module takes 1-2 hours to complete and is broken up into multiple short (5-20 minutes) lessons. The lessons are designed to be followed chronologically, but you’ll be able to navigate back to specific lessons if you ever need a refresher on a certain topic.

what if i've already taken an HTMA course?

That’s great, you’ll have a head start! But I can guarantee this is unlike any other HTMA course out there because it revolves around my custom-built web application.

The HTMA Analysis App allows you to plug in raw results, prioritizes the results for you, pulls markers you’ve probably never heard of, correlates HTMA results to the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire, and automatically generates personalized client reports. (And remember, when you join, you get lifetime access to the app!)

This program is also special because it’s not just hours of information on HTMA — it’s actually full of practical ways to incorporate HTMA into your practice, and strategies for growing your business with HTMA.

I don't have a single client and I'm struggling! How will this help me get clients?

I get it! I didn’t have a single client before I started using HTMA either.

Then I discovered a strategy that helped me grow my practice from 0 clients to over 30 in a few short months, which quickly led to a partnership with a psychologist who sends over my ideal client weekly!

I detail the entire process in Module 6 of Instant HTMA Professional (From Beta to Partnership Growth Strategy). This strategy not only worked for me but it’s helped dozens of other practitioners grow their practices using HTMA.

This program is also special because it’s not just hours of information on HTMA — it’s actually full of practical ways to incorporate HTMA into your practice, and strategies for growing your business with HTMA.

What happens if I'm stumped by a client's specific HTMA results?

No stress! You have LIFETIME ACCESS to the Instant HTMA Professional community. Simply post your question in the community and I’ll help you navigate those results.

This program is also special because it’s not just hours of information on HTMA — it’s actually full of practical ways to incorporate HTMA into your practice, and strategies for growing your business with HTMA.

Do I need a specific health certification to be able to use HTMA?

The lab I recommend, Trace Elements, will accept any health certification certificate! Inside Instant HTMA, you'll find NTP's, FNTP's, FDN's, RWS', RD's, Pharmacists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Functional Medicine Doctors, and more!

Can I use an HTMA lab company like Doctor's Data or Analytic Research Labs, or does it have to be Trace Elements?

The lab I recommend, Trace Elements, will accept any health certification certificate! Inside Instant HTMA, you'll find NTP's, FNTP's, FDN's, RWS', RD's, Pharmacists, Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Functional Medicine Doctors, and more!

What if I live outside of the USA, or I'm in New York or California?

Reach out to me directly. I have helped multiple practitioners navigate this, but it comes down to a few individual factors that we would discuss. Email me at and we can chat!

Oh hey, you’ve made it to the end. Let’s chat, shall we?

Here’s what I can see for you.

In less than a weekend, you can go from knowing nothing about HTMA to understanding exactly how it works,

so you can confidently send in your first sample and then sit back and relax.

Because the HTMA Analysis App will do the heavy lifting for you.

You’ll have the confidence you need to recommend this test to clients since it’s low-priced and non-invasive.

And you won’t spend hours interpreting results! 

It’s time for you to stop feeling frustrated and become an Instant HTMA Professional.

Best part?

Clients will see results from the protocols you recommend because

you’ll be using data and NOT gut instincts to guide you.

And happy clients equal a profitable, prosperous practice.

It’s time for you to test, not guess your way to healthier clients.

It’s time for you to add the test that can change everything for your practice. 

Jensen is incredibly giving with knowledge, approachable, and it's a very well put together course.

-Claudia Petrilli

Send me more info


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