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My passion for helping practitioners to experience the power of functional lab testing has led me to become a course creator, app developer, podcaster and so much more!

Before test don't guess

It all started with my own mineral success story.

After 10+ years of monthly, debilitating endometriosis pain, I discovered that I was dealing with a severe magnesium deficiency. Through supplementation, I went from writhing in pain every month to barely experiencing a cramp. It was an unbelievable transformation!

So, when I became an FNTP and heard about mineral testing using hair, I naturally dove in head first (pun intended!) 

I quickly went from 0 to 30 paying clients in less than 2 months after incorporating Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis into my own practice as a brand new practitioner! I was shocked at the impact testing had on my practice, and my clients. 

let's get to the root cause

This led me to my passion:
helping other practitioners use lab testing in their practice!

If you are anything like me, you had no idea you had access to all kinds of different functional lab tests when you graduated with your nutrition or health coaching certification!

I created Test Don't Guess as an online resource for unlicensed practitioners to navigate the different testing options available to them, while also providing educational resources and apps to help them confidently and efficiently incorporate them into their practice.

Along with my course, Instant HTMA Professional, and my lab testing analysis apps, I also provide lots of free resources to help you along your journey. My mission is to be the resource for you that I wish I had when I was looking to incorporate lab testing into my practice.

Course, apps, podcast episodes, case studies, blogs and so much more... stick around, you'll be glad you did!

Interested in adding lab testing to your practice?

The Ultimate Guide to Adding HTMA

What is HTMA? Who does it help? How will it help me grow my practice? Is it legal for me to use it with my clients? All of your burning questions are answered inside this PDF!

Get your own HTMA results for FREE!

The Unlicensed Practitioner's Guide to Functional Lab Testing

Interested in lab testing but aren't quite sure where to start? No worries, I've got you!


If you're a practitioner, I have good news! You can get your own HTMA results for FREE. Let me show you how!


Health podcast enthusiast

Created an excel sheet to speed up HTMA Analysis for myself

Launched Instant HTMA Professional Course & App

Discovered "The Magnesium Miracle" book

Started dreaming of becoming a functional practitioner

Followed my dreams & attended the Nutritional Therapy Assocation

Became an FNTP & HTMA Practitioner

Had home birth #1 and became a Mama

Launched my own health practice

Worked with a team of developers to turn the excel sheet into the first HTMA app.

Got pregnant after 10+ years of endometriosis

Upgraded the HTMA App

Took courses on blood chem, gut testing, DUTCH testing, OAT, & more!

Interviewed 25+ practitioners for Season 1 of the Test Don't Guess Podcast

Had home birth #2 & love my two girls!

Partnered with Restorative Wellness Solutions and developed their Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis App



Celebrated guiding over 500 practitioners in their HTMA journeys & grew the Test Don't Guess team! 

Meet the test don't guess team!

Maddison Elizondo

Ops Manager & Jensen's Go-To Gal

Amber MacDonald

Madi Miller

The genius behind allllll things social media & website design

Instant HTMA Course Mentor
& Functional Lab Queen

Your at-a-glance guide to where I stand on all the truly important things.


Favorite indulgence

Biscotti & a latté

celeb i'd love to meet

Honestly, any stand-up comedian. I love stand-up!

Guilty pleasure

Extravagant, luxury spa days 

alternate universe job:

Gymnastics Coach/Choreographer

favorite place i've been:

The chateau in France where I got married!

drink of choice

A real margarita! Just tequila, lime, & agave please.

can't live without

Earplugs and an eye-mask for sleeping!

usually craving

Hearty stews, even in the summer! 

beach vs mountains

Beach, unless we are skiing in the mountains!

bucket list item

Attend a live podcast show

Ready to grow your practice in less than one month?!

You'll learn: How to confidently use the most affordable functional lab as a baseline test for EVERY client. 

HTMA can impact the effectiveness of your client protocols and practice growth!

yes, I'm in!

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