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If you're using functional labs with your clients already, you know how challenging it can be to recommend tests to clients and at the same time get paid enough for your work and expertise.

And if you aren’t using any testing yet, you feel like you aren’t able to help your clients because you’re “guessing” instead of “testing.”

I get it

HTMA is game changing...

but it can also feel so complicated!

Utilize the data from HTMA in building custom recommendations for your clients

Determine specific dietary recommendations based on the client’s metabolic type

Look for contaminations in the HTMA results

Become a heavy metals detective

Go beyond just analyzing ratios and single mineral levels by looking at the patterns

Show the client exactly how their top health concerns lead back to specific mineral imbalances

Now that you’ve watched this class, you know how to:

The good news? 

Create specific diet, supplements, and lifestyle recommendations using HTMA results

Structure your services for using HTMA as a baseline test for every client


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Instead of spending hours memorizing mineral patterns & preparing for a single client consultation

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​​Concise and easy to reference course content so you have everything you need to quickly and efficiently interpret results and share them with clients using the automated client report generator inside the app.

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