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Why Continuous Glucose Monitors are the Ultimate Real-Time Testing

March 28, 2024

I’m Jensen.
Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis is my main squeeze, but my ultimate mission is to help practitioners confidently use all types of functional labs so they can experience the massive practice growth, client retention, and confidence that comes with testing, not guessing!
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Are you seeking a cutting-edge tool to enhance your clients’ health journeys? Look no further! Emily Johnson, a Certified Dietitian, introduces an invaluable solution tailored to meet the diverse needs of your clientele.

🩺 Understanding CGM: Redefining Client Health Monitoring 📈

Emily explores the wonders of continuous glucose monitors (CGM) in a revealing dialogue with Jensen. She elucidates how CGMs track blood glucose trends via interstitial fluid, seamlessly integrating with the Veri app for comprehensive health monitoring. Imagine equipping your clients with the ability to effortlessly monitor their health patterns for a solid 14 days per sensor! Emily underscores the preventive aspect of CGMs in health, enabling practitioners to guide clients in fine-tuning lifestyle choices for optimal metabolic health. Moreover, it’s about empowering clients to make smarter decisions based on personalized insights, leading to sustainable improvements.

😴 Stress, Sleep, and Glucose Levels: Leveraging CGMs for Client Wellness 🛌

In this candid conversation, Emily shares insights into how stress and sleep impact blood sugar levels, emphasizing the role of CGMs in promoting client wellness. By highlighting the intricate links between stress, sleep quality, and glucose levels, practitioners can guide clients towards holistic lifestyle modifications for improved health outcomes.

🔍 Symptom Recognition: Utilizing CGM Data to Inform Client Interventions 📊

Are your clients experiencing symptoms such as fatigue, weight fluctuations, or metabolic issues? These could signify underlying insulin resistance, warranting early intervention and personalized care. Emily advises practitioners to leverage CGM data to identify trends and tailor interventions, thereby empowering clients to proactively manage their health.

👩‍⚕️ Innovative Applications: Integrating CGMs into Client Programs 🚀

Practitioners are creatively incorporating CGMs into client programs to maximize health outcomes. From addressing metabolic disorders to optimizing fertility, CGMs offer a wealth of possibilities for tailored interventions. With enhanced accountability and data-driven insights, clients can achieve significant progress towards their health goals under practitioner guidance.

🚺 Women’s Health: Harnessing CGMs for Comprehensive Care 🌸

Emily explores CGMs’ role in women’s health, from managing conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) to addressing postpartum challenges. By leveraging CGM insights, practitioners can provide personalized guidance to empower women in their wellness journeys, promoting better symptom management and informed decision-making.

🛠️ Integration Guide: Leveraging CGM Data in Client-Practitioner Interactions 📊

Curious about integrating CGM data into client interactions? Emily recommends familiarizing yourself with Veri’s features and exploring coaching programs tailored for client management. With options to share data directly or through a coaching dashboard, CGMs facilitate meaningful dialogues and personalized interventions for improved client outcomes.

🚀 Embarking on Your Journey: Transforming Client Health with Veri 🌈

Ready to revolutionize your client’s health journey? Explore Veri’s programs and online community to embark on a transformative experience. With Emily’s expert insights and Veri’s innovative approach, personalized health for your clients has never been more accessible or rewarding. Dive into the realm of Veri today and unlock the path to optimal wellness for your clients! 🎉

Did you love this episode as much as we did? Follow Emily for more at @functionalnutritionhealthcoach, and you can find Veri at the links below!

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If you’re interested in learning more about functional lab testing, how to interpret them, and how incorporating labs can help boost your confidence, make sure to check out our podcast and stay informed about the latest developments and insights in the healthcare industry!

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