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Navigating Functional Wellness Courses – How to Make the Right Decision for YOU

January 3, 2024

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In this episode, we’re diving into a fascinating chat with Holly Bowen, who shares her journey through Restorative Wellness Solutions Level 1, focused mainly on gut testing, and Level 2, which is all about hormonal testing.

Together, let’s discover what she learned from these courses and how she uses this knowledge in her day-to-day work.

This episode’s a real eye-opener!

And testimonial videos can help you build that trust…

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Bowen starts with a quick introduction and briefly touches on her career journey and how a diagnosis of MS completely changed her life and brought her to nutrition.


Bowen guides us through the qualifications needed to start with the Restorative Wellness Solutions, which is a certification you can get after you graduate from another nutrition program. She also explains the different kinds of testing you learn during the program and how it has helped her excel professionally.


Here, Bowen discusses some of the main differences as well as similarities between RWS and NTA, including factors such as time consumption, strictness, etc. She also provides some advice for those who are considering signing up for this program but are not completely sure if it is necessary.


HTMA vs GIMAP? In this segment, Bowen compares her experience and knowledge about these two tests and when she prefers using them.


We wrap up the podcast with Bowen’s advice for those who are struggling to find a relevant course to increase their knowledge.

Key takeaways

#1 Building Trust

In the world of business and client relationships, trust is the cornerstone of success, the foundation upon which everything else is built. Trust is what allows clients to confidently invest in your services, knowing they are making the right choice. One powerful tool for establishing this trust is through testimonials because these are the real-life success stories of your service. They’re the voice of those who have already benefited from what you have to offer and add credibility to your claims. Always keep in mind it is one thing to talk about the great work you do, but it’s another when clients back that up with their personal experiences.

#2 Learning is Important

Always remember that your journey doesn’t stop once you’ve earned your title or degree. Learning remains a crucial part of this journey, and there are several compelling reasons why. The world right now is in a constant state of change. New technologies, ideas, and practices emerge regularly. To stay relevant and effective in your field, you must adapt.

#3 Choose wisely

Continued education in healthcare is a commendable and necessary pursuit, but choosing the right courses and programs is critical. Ensure the courses or programs you choose are accredited by reputable organizations. Make a point to evaluate whether the content and focus of the courses align with your career goals and are beneficial to you.

Memorable Quote

“When you are choosing the kind of continued education you want to get, make sure you select something that truly educates you.”

If you loved this episode as much as we did, follow Holly for more at Holly Bowen | Gut Health Nutritionist (@hobowellness)

If you’re interested in learning more about functional lab testing, how to interpret them, and how incorporating labs can help boost your confidence, make sure to check out our podcast and stay informed about the latest developments and insights in the healthcare industry!

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